BSSW Fellowship Intern Wins Best Student Poster Award

David Costello, a senior undergraduate student in mathematics at Arizona State University’s Barrett Honors College, received the best student poster award at the inaugural US-RSE'23 conference for his poster presenting a set of tutorials about the web-based notebook development environment called JupyterLab.

David Costello’s JupyterIDE project clinched the Best Student Poster award at the US Research Software Engineer (US-RSE) 2023 conference. The conference was the inaugural meetup of research software engineers (RSEs) and members of the United States Research Software Engineering Association (US-RSE) that took place Chicago, IL, in October of 2023. Jupyter4Science site editor a Nicole Brewer, and her two student interns, David Costello and Namita Shah, all attended the conference to present various works related to fellowship. Their attendance was made possible through Nicole’s Better Scientific Software (BSSw) fellowship, a grant instrumental in the initial funding of Jupyter4Science and its mission to enhance the accessibility, reuse, and reproducibility of scientific software, data, and computational workflows.

When David joined the Jupyter4Science team as a full time intern for the summer of 2023, he had a keen interest in the digital humanities and a computational notebook containing a research workflow for performing image processing steps on historical manuscripts. David was hired to transition his Jupyter-based workflow into a full-fledged web application. By the end of the summer, David had developed a notebook-based manuscript annotation tool called Glyptodon, which was also a major feature of David’s undergraduate honors thesis.

JupyterIDE: Promoting JupyterLab Features and Extensions That Facilitate Collaboration among Researchers and RSEs

David’s poster featured his other major contribution during his internship, JupyterIDE project, which is a tutorial which aims to bridge the gap between users familiar with the classic Jupyter Notebook interface and users ready to branch out into more advanced features frequently offered by traditional integrated development environments (IDEs). JupyterIDE consists of a list of extensions that enhance JupyterLab, a “next-generation” notebook development interface, and a set of tutorials about how to make the most of those more advanced development environment features.

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We are very proud of David’s work and his dedication to communicating his work to a wider audience and we invite you to further explore content on the site related to David’s work:

Looking Ahead

David applied to graduate school this past fall and has since been accepted to Arizona State University to pursue a PhD. David’s award presented at the US-RSE'23 conference underscores that it is possible to mentor undergraduate computer science students for success in a research environment.

Nicole Brewer
Nicole Brewer
Site Editor and PhD Student at Arizona State University

Nicole is a PhD student in History and Philosophy of Science at ASU where she is using network analysis and other methods to empirically study the reproducibility of Jupyter Notebooks used in research.