Standalone Web Applications with Jupyter Notebooks


Jupyter notebooks have become a widely used standard for sharing modest data workflows. In this month’s community call, we will talk about how people extend notebooks beyond the standard uses. What creative ways have you come up with to get most of your notebooks? How far can you go before needing a different technology stack? Join us to share your experiences! Nicole Brewer will kick things off with a quick introduction to using notebooks to deploy standalone web applications. She will discuss how she uses JupyterLab + nbdev to approximate an IDE and hidden advantages that manifest when developing widget-based apps in that environment. Learn about how this approach makes the codebase more modular, reusable, readable, and inheritable by the research labs that use them.

Nicole Brewer
Nicole Brewer
Site Editor and PhD Student at Arizona State University

Nicole is a PhD student in History and Philosophy of Science at ASU where she is using network analysis and other methods to empirically study the reproducibility of Jupyter Notebooks used in research.